Dr. Pasahow believes that counseling shouldn’t be a financial burden or a never-ending project. This is why she has created a Three-Month Program that includes a targeted approach to resolving the issues individuals and couples complain about the most: loss of passion in the relationship, lack of intimacy and understanding, poor communication patterns and low sexual desire and poor self-esteem.

The first step in the healing process is for individuals or partners to decide that something in their relationship is not working as well as they would like. There’s often a feeling of general malaise in their lives. In most cases, one or both partners can feel depressed, disconnected and experience a lack of sexual desire. As a result it adversely impacts their relationship in general. Daily pressures — work, family, children, and finances — may exacerbate theses issues. Couples who work together in therapy or participate in this three-month program can learn that they can move into a more secure, attuned relationship with each other. They will learn how to nurture their relationships, and explore different approaches for sexual contact to protect fun and pleasure –to cope better with daily stress and create time together to bring back the passion and joy in their lives.

In this practical, short term therapy, individuals or partners are able to find greater emotional and sexual intimacy and remove the obstacles that prevent them from enjoying a satisfying life in general. Additionally, creating and revitalizing a passionate sex life becomes possible. They quickly learn to optimize what works and eliminate what doesn’t. Beginning with a consultation session, the program focuses on: setting sexual goals, pulling couples out of a sexual rut, developing effective communications skills, turning up the sexual “heat” in the relationship and a brief sexual encounter assignment. Dr. Pasahow helps couples remove the pressure they feel to have sex and instead focus on providing and receiving physical pleasure. This shift in focus enables partners to feel more emotional and physical intimacy and have a greater understanding of themselves and their partner’s desires.

Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, couples and individuals come to Dr. Pasahow to achieve greater fulfillment and more joy in their lives and relationships. Dr. Pasahow helps couples uncover the underlying problems in their relationship. Couples at different stages in their relationship — whether married, dating, separated or divorced— work with Dr. Pasahow to create a more understanding, compassionate relationship with increased communication and attunement.

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