Dr. Pasahow presents at National Conferences and Clinical meetings. She is a frequent guest speaker at Physician Educational meetings including Grand Rounds, as well as community out-reach programs.


Workshops and presentations are available to organizations, mental health practitioners, and hospital staff.

Topics include:

  • Psychological First Aid Program specifically designed for acute traumatic events. This program was very helpful to the Critical Care staff at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey during the early months of COVID.
  • Overcoming sexual challenges
  • The repair of sexual problems in couples’ relationships
  • A better understanding about the effects of acute and post trauma (emotional, physical, and sexual) and the process of healing
  • Helping breast cancer survivors restore their sense of wholeness, femininity and sexuality
  • Helping men and their partners overcome the challenges of prostate cancer
  • Female and male sexual dysfunction in primary care: When a referral to a sex therapist is indicated