We’re pleased you are interested in our practice, because the issues we address in our practice rarely improve themselves.
In view of our specialized training and experience, we do not participate with any insurance plans. We also believe that the healthcare professional and the patient should partner in the planning of decisions and treatment goals, NOT INSURANCE COMPANIES.

We are ultimately committed to providing the best quality treatment without compromising our level of care. Therefore, we are NOT IN NETWORK WITH ANY INSURANCE COMPANIES. However, most insurance plans with the exception of HMO’s have “out-of-network” benefits which will reimburse you for psychotherapy sessions. Please contact your insurance company if you have questions regarding your “out-of-network” benefits.

Patients’ provide credit card payments directly to our office at the time of their appointment. As a courtesy, to ease the financial cost of treatments, our office submits claims directly to the patients’ insurance company. This is always completed within 24-72 hours of their session. We use an electronic billing service and have years of experience helping our patients obtain their maximum benefits from their insurance company.

The insurance payments you receive are yours to keep. We will be happy to discuss this again at your initial visit to our office.