Dr. Pasahow- How Therapy Works
Dr. Pasahow- How Therapy Works

The Accredited Center's offices are welcoming and offer the patient a calm, comfortable setting to relax while waiting for a session to begin. With soft music, beautiful artwork and comfortable seating, the experience of visiting Dr. Pasahow is intended to be a welcome relief from the hectic stress of our daily lives.

The therapy process begins with Dr. Pasahow building a relationship with her patients based on communication, trust and understanding. In an initial meeting, Dr. Pasahow is able to help patients relax and feel comfortable in explaining their problems. A typical first session will begin with a conversation about setting short term goals for the treatment process and about the issues affecting the patient. Dr. Pasahow will ask you to think about what you'd like to accomplish with your therapy.

We provide consultation for mental health practitioners in the community including supervision for sex therapy certification. We also provide telephone and SKYPE counseling sessions for patients unable to visit our offices.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions take place in Dr. Pasahow's private offices in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Sessions last for 45 to 60 minutes. We are a fee-for-service provider. MOST INSURANCE PLANS REIMBURSE FOR OUR SERVICES AND OUR OFFICE WILL PROVIDE ASSISTANCE IN HANDLING CLAIMS AND REIMBURSEMENT.

In addition to her therapy services, Dr. Pasahow's practice provides administrative assistance for people wishing to make or cancel appointments or help with billing questions.